The Veteran Massage Design Team 
behind the Cosmo Zero

A good massage chair should be able to mimic the expert touch of a good masseuse.
Which is why we work with a team of veteran Massage Experts, consisting of –
orthopedic practitioners, chiropractors
and physiotherapists to assist in the design
and engineering processes.

This is to ensure that the Cosmo Zero
gives you the kind of massage that will
remind you of your favorite go-to masseuse.


Designed by Medical Practitioners
for the People

Our massages are designed by doctors
to press deep in the right spots and be
gentle in areas that require a more delicate touch.

This ensures the massage helps instead of
hurting the muscoskeletal system,
ensuring deeper comfort & boosting recovery.

The Cosmo Effect

Deeper Relaxation
– Lower Stress
– Reduced Muscle Tension
– Injury Recovery
– Increased Mobility
– Increased Blood Circulation