Cosmo Zero: gravity

What Sets Cosmo Zero Apart?

First Massage Chair Focused on Comfort

We have multiple industry standout features such as, Chromexcel leather, iTouch™ Rollers, and Spine-Trace™ technology that makes us the most comfortable chair in the world. Don’t believe us? Book our first-class experience appointment for yourself to test it out.

Chromexcel Leather

Chromexcel leather is the most expensive leather in the world. Mostly featured in high-end men’s shoes starting from over $1,000+ a pair and Ferrari cars. An iconic attribute of the leather is that it feels extremely comfortable to the touch.

iTouch™ Rollers

iTouch™ Rollers are the latest versions of V-Rollers to improve the quality of massages by mimicking the human hand to reflect massages in spas.

Spine-Trace™ Rails

iTouch™ Rollers will glide along the Spine-Trace™ Rails that have aligned to your spine and back for an optimal massaging experience, specifically tailored for every person.